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Pediatrics Pawtucket Rhode Island

Dr.Suryadutt Venkat MD, MPH

As our lead provider and Medical Director, Dr. Venkat is committed to providing the best healthcare to all his patients. He is a board certified physician with over 18 years of experience providing exceptional medical care to his patients. He firmly believes that primary care physicians play a pivotal role in coordinating care for their patients. By delivering high quality care to patients, primary care physicians form the backbone of a successful and cost-effective healthcare system. His passion, commitment, and quality of healthcare provided to his patients has made him one of the popular and top providers in the nation. He has won several awards for excellence in teaching, professionalism, and providing outstanding medical care. During his spare time Dr.Venkat enjoys spending time with his family, playing golf, travelling, cheering for New England Patriots, and doing DIY projects at home.

Your health is our top priority. Contact us today and be a part of our healthcare family.

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